The Regional Foundation invests in non-profit entities engaged in resident-driven community development activities. For example, current and former grantee partners include, but are not limited to, community development corporations, healthcare institutions, municipal level planning non-profit agencies, and creative placemaking organizations.

The Regional Foundation encourages applicants to consider their plan scope in breadth and depth when requesting funds. Expenses may include staff time, consultants, community outreach and organizing costs, resident stipends for steering / advisory committee membership, meeting expenses and related costs.

Our Priorities

  • Fall within our 62-county service area;
  • Geographic and demographic diversity – rural, small town, small city and dense urban areas.
  • Center resident-driven process and the building of community leadership throughout the course of the investment, from start to finish;
  • Support wealth creation and neighborhood stabilization in communities that have experienced historical disinvestment and experience concentration of poverty;
  • Support for place-making, place-keeping, and anti-displacement efforts through community development tactics;
  • Feature collaborations with allied organizations, government entities, and other institutions to support long-term buy-in.
  • Inclusion of newer, smaller, historically underinvested BIPOC-led initiatives in underinvested rural, urban, or other geographies.

Funding Opportunities